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Please Check these out.

2011-06-23 17:56:30 by TraceL33T

THis is my friends band who's won rockquest twice! Now they just need some publicity!
Show them all how friendly the NG community is and visit the links :)

I would much appreciate this <3 NMhg&feature=related 74rA&feature=related

1st Post ...meh...

2009-11-23 02:07:17 by TraceL33T

Okay so i've been staring at my profile for the past 10 min thinking ...somethings missing... and then i looked at the post box and though ...oh... I always hate writing posts cos i nvcer know what to write about, and then when i do write something i always end up taking 5 mins to write a 2 sentance post coz im so busy wondering whether people will think im a douche coz off my bad grammar and spelling, so this time, screw it, im not gona even double check this, just write it and post it! That's right Terra59, ive written im without the ' so shove it! Now for something thats actually relevant, nobody likes DayJob? I prefer it to Pursuit but since ur the ones listening, its ur vote that counts ^_^. Ive been mucking around alot on my acustic guitar lately, i might record somthing and post it. trouble i havn't finished anything yet XD i've heaps of half finished song lol. Well time for me to go. Bai Bai ^_^